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Secure trading technology on international financial markets: The US stock market, the European stock market, futures, options. Resus Corporation cooperates only with financial companies. The minimum deposit in the account management 300,000.00 €


Take on the market with our powerful platforms.

Trade without trade-offs. Our desktop, web, and mobile platforms are designed for performance and built for all levels of companies.


VIP conditions for companies.

The most profitable and comfortable conditions for the deposits with 1,000,000.00 €


Most recent combinations allow Resus Corporation to further expand its offerings for active traders by introducing complex stock fund, options, futures and foreign exchange trading. In 2011 and 2012 the company embraced mobile devices by developing trading applications for the Android, iPhone, and iPad. And, in 2011, the company launched Trade Architect, a streaming web-based trading platform that brought together the best of Resus Corporation.

* Resus Corporation was founded in 2009 as a brokerage company. During this time, our clients are many large and medium-sized financial-analytical and investment companies. Conditions are discussed individually for each client. All the necessary documents are available on request only.



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